2010.11.15 CoHF bringing the noise to London

Thursday (25/11) NWfA co-promote a Post Rock bill @ The Vibe Bar Brick Lane in London town. Its with superb promoter 'Sweet Beans Promotions' and full details are here.

MBMR headline the show - with Court of Hidden Faces in support! A true NWfA bill! Tickets are £5 adv from Ticketweb.

2010.08.29 CoHF

Improvised/generative electronica, soundscapes formed from glitchy electronics, field recordings and guitar.

No upcoming shows.
Court of Hidden Faces
Missed Connection - NWFAS03

5 Tracks:
Landscape Changes Hue
Crowd Swarms Around Screens
Scratch the Horizon
Missed Connection

Runtime: 17:26
Released: 2006.11.01
Price: £3

CdAdd to BasketMini-CD (CD3) featuring fragile guitars and ambient noisescape sound.
Various Artists
Ltd. Edition MP3 CD-ROM and Postcard - ZH27:99x

3 Tracks:
The Twists and Turns of the Loved and Hated D - ZH27:994
The Twists and Turns of the Loved and Hated 4 - ZH27:992
Your Life Has Been Secured For You - ZH27:991

Runtime: 89:32
Released: 2008
Price: £2

CdAdd to Basket90 minutes of international collaborative experimental sounds. Mixed by Zan Hoffman (Second Violin, Zanoisect, etc...) from 15x1-minute submissions by many artists, including Court of Hidden Faces. This mini-CD (CD3) is a data CD-ROM with MP3s, images and info. It will not play in a audio CD player.
Various Artists
Collusion - IMG014

1 Tracks:

Runtime: 60:29
Released: 2007

Mp3DownloadCollusion is a long play noise/dark ambient collaboration effort. The concept is simple: artists contribute minimal dark ambient or noise tracks, contributed tracks will be layered to create a continuous piece.
Various Artists
Pieces - IMG010

11 Tracks:
Parasme - Piece
Nakjaarna - Dome
Court of Hidden Faces - Hazard Motion Market
Verian Thomas - Restless
escalation 746 - The Furies of the City
jfox - 070331
Gurdonark - Soul Gourd
SIGHUP - Firearm
The Silence Bureau - Through These Broken Pieces
Controlled Dissonance - A Bittersweet Embrace
Cauchy-Riemann - Six Twenty Eight

Runtime: 71:31
Released: 2007

Mp3DownloadPieces is a project designed to stretch the borders of incidental sound composition. A compilation comprised of eleven tracks created using four-second chunks of a live performance.
Court of Hidden Faces
Snow - NSH109

4 Tracks:
Serenity Wheeler
Nylon Gemini
Amber Lights All

Runtime: 15:08
Released: 2006.12.07

Mp3DownloadEarly ambient work with electronically treated guitars. Released freely through Canadian netlabel Nishi, with a Creative Commons by-nc-nd license.

CdOut of Stock / Coming SoonCourt of Hidden Faces
Satellite Heart - NWFASXX
Free downloads.
Mp3DownloadCourt of Hidden Faces
Serenity Wheeler - Track
Court of Hidden Faces is a one-man recording project that uses glitchy home-made electronics, guitar and field recordings to aim for a haunted sound somewhere between post-rock, ambient electronica and noise music.

Review of Court of Hidden Faces - Missed Connection - NWFAS03

A concise dose of glitchy ambient.

Spanning over just seventeen minutes, Missed Connection comes and goes relatively quickly, plunging you briefly into its gentle soundscapes and hoisting you out again soon after. So of course, this EP from Court of Hidden Faces needs to be fairly direct if it is to fully envelop listeners in its glitchy ambience, as well as displaying enough depth to encourage replay. Opening piece "The Landscape Changes Hue" begins with Fennesz-style static, tucked away behind delicate, post-rock melodies. It's all quite pretty and touching, though the electronic/acoustic interplay feels slightly unconvincing at this early stage - the guitar sits awkwardly on top of the wash of electro-interference, and both implements together feel like two puzzle pieces, untidily forced to interlock.

However, the seamless flow between tracks is expertly orchestrated. Effectively, Missed Connection is a single composition, with track transitions completely blurred and unnoticeable. The final two sections are brilliant; the atmosphere expands outwards into something cavernous and metallic, whilst an eerie tension rises up in the form of soft harmonies and tremolo-picked leads. It could, and should, continue on for a good eight minutes or so, allowing the mood to gradually sink in and cement itself into the subconscious.

But this doesn't happen. The ending comes abruptly, leaving Missed Connection feeling incomplete, swiping away the experience just as it begins to make an emotive impact. It's an EP that offers up a taster, a mere demonstration of potential, without delivering the full capability of Court of Hidden Faces. Perhaps with a full length, this band can really shine, fully unveiling the talent that this effort only offers a glimpse of.

Jack Chuter