2013.02.21 Hiatus...

Last Days of Lorca are currently in hibernation and will remain so for the foreseeable future...

The self-titled EP is still available from iTunes and our webstore below

2012.11.06 Brand New Album Out Monday 7 November!

The Last Days of Lorca Self-Titled Album is out today!!!

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Support your local Independents, go in store to Resident Records Brighton and buy the physical album there...

RESIDENT BRIGHTON: "4-track ep of heavy, post rock meets hardcore songwriting with walls of massive guitars & smart structural twists. 'last days of lorca' is a very heavy album, combining huge riffs with a strong songwriting sensibility. the emphasis is definitely on creating interesting songs with memorable melodies & motifs but on the way they kick up a storm, with furious rhythms, technical syncopated licks & a great balance between the swirling lead lines & pounding rhythm guitar'

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Last Days of Lorca
Last Days of Lorca (CD) - NWFAS10

4 Tracks:
With All Clarity
A Lighthouse Waits
A Little Light

Runtime: 18:30
Released: 2011.11.07
Price: £5

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I Start Fires We Start Riots - NWFAS07 Downloads
DRM-free MP3 downloads on sale at: 7Digital, eMusic, Amazon, iTunes.
Last Days of Lorca
Militia EP - NWFAS02

4 Tracks:
As Flies Fly
I Am Rat
My Militia Will Eat Your M!l!t!a

Runtime: 13:58
Released: 2006.10.07
Price: £4

CdOut of Stock / Coming SoonUrgent and precise "post-indie" from Last Days of Lorca.
Last Days of Lorca
Let's Build Ships - NWFAS01

2 Tracks:
A: Let's Build Ships (Last Days of Lorca)
B: Mr Savage (Johnny 4)

Released: 2006.11.07
Price: £1

VinylAdd to BasketSplit vinyl release from Last Days of Lorca and Johnny 4.

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Combining contrasting mathematical rhythms with post rock noise and upset timings, their force is one to be felt. This is post-indie. To light up all lights. To silence our little hearts.

Review of Last Days Of Lorca - Live

Last Days Of Lorca do their thing, creating a jagged racket not far off At The Drive In topped with Matt Bellamy vocals, and its an affecting blend.

Review of Last Days Of Lorca - Militia EP

Now we really wanted this to be good, the packaging was so warm and inviting, it surely must be good? No one's going to go all the effort of an inviting handmade warmly-crafted blockprinted cover like that and then just put any old poop inside are they? No they're not, Last Days of Lorca are from Chichester and they kind of sound like it, these are the refined restrained early moves of an English band who might just evolve in to something rather good.

Mellow, warm, vibrant, kind of Radiohead flavoured and post-rock inclined - yeah, I know calling everyone who hints at clever structure and a Radiohead flavour a post-rock band is very lazy of us but hey, you know what we mean, as we keep on saying, these are just signposts to point to in the way to good music with mere words. Four fine tracks that hint at Radiohead, 65Days (without the glitch), GodspeedY!BE, Silver Mt Zion and with the start of I Am Rat, a hint of Zag And The Coloured Beads (that's the second time we've got to name drop them this week, things must good). There's clearly a lot of ambition here, a desire to be a little different, four impressively detailed tracks for you Radiohead fans who like it 'epic' we look forward to more, we like this lots.

Organ Magazine 19/04/07
Review of Last Days Of Lorca - Let's Build Ships

The intro to Last Days of Lorca's 'Let's Build Ships' is enough to worry anyone with a heart condition. A flood of jagged guitars is set off like an emergency alarm and that sense of urgency persists throughout the record. This is technically brilliant edgy indie music, but the mathematical upsets to the rhythm are far from a distraction, simply adding to the feeling that storm clouds are closing in. Last Days of Lorca have an aptitude for this type of song. It's completely immersive, drowning listeners in a tidal wave of noise and then draining away to cause an audio-drought. People go nuts about bands that manage to pull of a proficient experimental track, but this band have a naturally individual sound that sweeps away comparisons to well-known counterparts, like Radiohead or Muse. If they don't get snapped up by an astute record label, they're welcome to live in my spare room and play this music all day and all night. ( 9/10 )

The Mag
Review of Last Days Of Lorca - Live

Tired of hearing yet another boring indie band, but still seeking the cathartic guitar-based release your oh-so sensitive soul requires? Try some 'Post-Indie'. These guitars buzz and twang, reach epic crescendos, then return to pensive silence, all backed up by mathematically precise rhythms. Add one front man with an evidently vehement dislike of the military-industrial complex and a Matt Bellamy esque angst ridden wail, and all is all its a recipe for alt rock success. Just don't expect too many between song wisecracks.

Brighton Source