2014.11.14 DRILL:BRIGHTON festival

We're very excited to announce that Monsters Build Mean Robots have been added to the DRILL:BRIGHTON Festival this December alongside Wire, Swans, Savages, British Sea Power, The Wedding Present, Courtney Barnett, TOY, Gold Panda, and loads more!
Tickets are onsale now: here.

2014.08.01 Monsters Build Mean Robots PAY WHAT YOU LIKE!

ArcTanGent Festival is under 4 weeks away!
And to celebrate, we're putting both Monsters Build Mean Robots' album's on bandcamp for a paywhatyouwant honesty box.
You can have them both for FREE!!!
Just visit the bandcamp page.
MBMR are playing at 11.30am on the main stage Friday 29th August at ArcTanGent, Fernhill Farm Bristol, supporting the likes of Russian Circles and This Will Destroy You....

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Monsters Build Mean Robots
MBMR T-Shirts and bundles - NWFASx03

Price: £Varies
MBMR T-shirts and bundles. Available alone (£10, t-shirt only), with WeShouldHaveDestroyedOur GeneralsNotTheirEnemies CD Digipak (£15) or with a LTD EDITION vinyl with individually screen printed packaging (£20).

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Monsters Build Mean Robots
(CD) - NWFAS09

5 Tracks:
Song for the Generals
Lament 77 (We Will Follow)
Psalm 57 (Or) All That Gold Did Not Help Your Soul!
The Witches and the Liars
A Reverie for the Riots

Runtime: 29:32
Released: 2011.08.15
Price: £9

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Monsters Build Mean Robots
(Vinyl) - NWFAS09

5 Tracks:
Song for the Generals
Lament 77 (We Will Follow)
Psalm 57 (Or) All That Gold Did Not Help Your Soul!
The Witches and the Liars
A Reverie for the Riots

Runtime: 29:32
Released: 2011.xx.xx
Price: £15

VinylOut of Stock / Coming SoonLimited edition 12" vinyl.
Released early 2012.
Monsters Build Mean Robots - WeShouldHaveDestroyedOurGeneralsNotTheirEnemies - NWFAS09 Downloads
DRM-free MP3 downloads on sale at: iTunes.
Monsters Build Mean Robots - Psalm 57 - NWFAS08 Downloads
DRM-free MP3 downloads on sale at: 7Digital, eMusic, Amazon, iTunes.
Monsters Build Mean Robots
Monsters Build Mean Robots - NWFAS05

9 Tracks:
Do uncles dream of electric kids?
Stroll into flames to find self
Will I avenge or revenge?
The freedom to fire these freedom rockets
The Drill
chimes breakthrough light to reach us
Sometimes We Sit And Stare At Passing Tanks
Shall I fill with air?

Runtime: 39:42
Released: 2007.10.01
Price: £10

CdOut of Stock / Coming SoonPost-rock meets pulsing mechanical electronica and glitch-esque rhythms.
Monsters Build Mean Robots - NWFAS05 Downloads
DRM-free MP3 downloads on sale at: 7Digital, eMusic, Amazon, iTunes.

Check back soon.
MBMR began with loop pedals and glitches and has slowly added and lost more members and more instruments since formation in early 2007. Loop-laden, building, hypnotic post-rock electronics, now with live drums, more prominent vocals, and a desire to welcome the end of all things with arms held high.

Review of Monsters Build Mean Robots - Live

In a progression from the more electronic sound of their first album, they're currently treading more organic ground, echoing Arcade Fire in places, as they make more of a faithful translation of their onstage sound to record. World events and surrealist self-realisation inform the songs that lilt with a soft artfulness that needs to be witnessed on the stage.

Brighton SOURCE (NC)
Review of Monsters Build Mean Robots - Live

Consisting of Pete Lambrou, Tim Walters, David Smith and Andrew Selby, Brighton band Monsters Build Mean Robots were curious and engaging in a different way. Signed to the Nice Weather for Airstrikes record label this was serious stuff. While surprisingly different from their chilled recordings - this was a lot more rough and at times frantic - their though provoking tunes gathered momentum into twisting and dark forms, like a slightly less depressed Radiohead. The voice was similarly full of personality. Solid bass-lines behind a brace of dreamy six-strings often re-iterated a tiny riff before mania took a grip of that depressive state and incited a brief, thrilling frenzy - before the band's effort subsided, falling back, downwards, away. The hints of ennui, the moments of fight giving way to a sense of powerlessness was involving and thought-provoking but somehow never grim. It was revealing of some truth, a powerful point of view. For me it spoke of non-acceptance, a psyche burnt by rage, not so much at a personal level but perhaps at the crimes in our name. They would get their heads kicked in at some venues just for the world of shadowy doubt they convey. The stamping finale rose and melted away, instruments quietened down as then the whole band raised their voices as one with a heart-felt chant over and over of 'There's no home like home'. A powerful anti-anthem.

Pete (Lincoln Bands)
Review of Monsters Build Mean Robots - Monsters Build Mean Robots

Monsters Build Mean Robots open their debut album with a dark electronic buzzing sort of noise, probably from some sort of oscillator and I got settled in for something in the realm of Godspeed soundscapes. This is only a short intro track, however, and when the album proper kicks off it's clear it owes more to the style of Boards of Canada and Four Tet than the atmospheric noise of GY!BE.

The tracks here tend to be fairly minimal in approach, building up to full and layered pieces. The beats are full of programmed, glitchy sounds and what might be sounds recorded and fed back in as rhythm elements, something The Books do so well. Where Monsters Build Mean Robots diverges most from these easily cited influences is in their use of live-sounding overdubbed guitar parts and some nice vocal harmony arrangements, particularly on 'Chimes Break Through to Reach Us'.

It's not a flawless album: 'Sometimes We Sit & Stare at Passing Tanks' feels more like a remix of early Boards of Canada and Moby circa 'Play' for much of its length but it doesn't have you reaching for the skip button, and the greatness of tracks like 'The Freedom to Fire Freedom Rockets' and closer 'Shall I Fill with Air?' offset this massively. I've spun the album through a good number of times before writing this review and I can safely say it's good one that will keep your attention and enjoyment.

This release is through Nice Weather for Airstrikes, who were also involved in the recent 7" EP for You Me the Switch that I reviewed last month. Clearly they are doing well at establishing a quality catalogue

Theo Graham-Brown
Review of Monsters Build Mean Robots - Monsters Build Mean Robots

Let's go politico! Guerrilla record label Nice Weather For Air Strikes are dropping the bomb with this debut release from Monsters Build Mean Robots - as Rory carroll reports...

Myspace has already condemned a generation of pimply - sometimes feral - youths to their computer, aimlessly waiting to see which of their friends have 'poked' them or added a new arty photo of themselves. More disturbingly, the very same website has also unleashed a heinous wave of stuttering, mockney-singing, NME cover vermin who are inevitably destined to chew up airwaves and monopolise the charts.

This is why it's refreshing to find a record label prepared to take a risk and put some integrity back into the industry. Independent label Nice Weather for Air Strikes have dedicated themselves to promoting innovative and inspirational music - and Monsters Build Mean Robots are one of the many jewels in their sparkling crown.

MBMR's self-titled debut draws from a diverse bank of influences, mixing equal parts processed beats with soft vocals and artful arrangements. There are echoes of Sigor Ros and Explosions in the Sky on the beautiful 'The Freedom To Fire Those Freedom Rockets,' which deploys tremolo guitar licks and swirling atmospherics to devastating effect. The duo have clearly taken issue with certain world events, and the album includes references to tanks, rockets and on one track (thisiswheretheoilcomesfrom.com) a website which clearly shows distaste for the oil industry. Sadly however, after a Google search it would appear that the website doesn't exist.

However, it's not all sweeping atmospherics and political referencing. Opening track 'Do Uncles Dream of Electric Kids' shares the familiar bassline grumble of an Aphex Twin song, and transitions seamlessly into the electric drum-loop laden 'Stroll Into Flames To Find Self.' You could easily roll you eyes at the fact that a band allegedly disillusioned with Myspace actually owns a Myspace - but that's just one of life's little ironies. The fact is that we need labels like Nice Weather for Air Strikes to keep giving bands like MBMR a fair chance in an increasingly competitive industry. Monsters do indeed build mean robots - how else would you explain Jeremy Kyle? - but on the face of this LP, they also make some damn fine music.

Artrocker rating: 4/5

Rory Carroll